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    FIFTY Agency FIFTY Releases Audio Recording with Alleged External Intervention

    On July 3, 2023, FIFTY FIFTY’s agency ATTRAKT released an audio recording between ATTRAKT’s CEO Jun Hong Joon and Executive Director Yoon of Warner Music Korea .

    In the recording, Executive Director Yoon mentions having discussed with CEO Ahn Sung Il of creative content development group The Givers regarding a “purchase” (a term that refers to a recruitment that occurs when even though the contract term is still there, the contract is arbitrarily terminated if the amount money paid) with FIFTY FIFTY members .

    Below is an audio recording from May 9, 2023, quoted from the Soompi page, Monday.

    Warner Music Korea Executive Director Yoon: “I have one thing I want to check.”

    ATTRAKT CEO Jun Hong Joon: “Yes, yes.”

    Executive Director Yoon: “I previously offered CEO Ahn Sung Il a purchase of 20 billion won.”

    CEO Jun Hong Joon: “I’ve never heard of it.”

    Executive Director Yoon: “You’ve never heard of it?”

    CEO Jun Hong Joon: Yes.

    CEO Jun Hong Joon: “What is a purchase?”

    Executive Director Yoon: “No, the label.”

    CEO Jun Hong Joon: “What about the label?”

    Executive Director Yoon: “That is, we usually disclose it when we take over the kids. [That’s] what we talk about.”

    CEO Jun Hong Joon: “No, no.”

    Previously, ATTRAKT announced they would be taking legal action against Warner Music Korea for allegedly approaching FIFTY FIFTY with the intent of persuading them to breach their exclusive contract with their current agency.

    However, Warner Music Korea denied the claims, and on June 27, 2023, ATTRAKT released an additional official statement announcing that they had filed criminal charges against Ahn Sung Il, CEO of creative content development group The Givers, as well as three other people.

    FIFTY FIFTY also recently announced that they will be suspending their exclusive contract with ATTRAKT .***


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