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    Dad’s Cute Gesture So Cats Can Watch the Birds Together Is Simply Irresistible

    What a great cat  dad!
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    Indoor cats love to look outside the window and watch whatever is happening over there. Of course checking out the birds is one of their favorites, and one cat dad made sure his group of cats could do just that.

    On TikTok, user @dustydashdaisy shared a cute video of how they make birdwatching special for their four cats. Take a look!

    In this household, there are four cats: Daisy, Dusty, Dash, and Dory, and it’s clear they are very, very loved. Sharing a 33-second-long video to the social media platform, the cats, and their mom, were all surprised by the sweet gesture their dad did to help make sure the cats all had a good day.

    “I woke up this morning and my husband had lined up all the chairs so my cats can watch the birds,” the text on the screen reads.

    And in the video, we see four dining room chairs up at the windows, and one of grey kitty was laying on each chair looking happily out the window. It’s the perfect spot for the cats to have their own space but hang out together and watch the world outside while taking a nap.

    “If he wanted to HE WOULD,” the caption of the video reads, and people flocked to the comments to swoon over how cute these cats are.

    “You pet that little stretchy baby right now,” one person demanded.

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    “I think your cats hit every level on the chonk scale,” wrote another.

    “The first cat taking up whole size of the seat,” one viewer noticed.

    “That’s a good cat dad,” another proclaimed.

    “We do this too! No fighting, and they all get a view!” added someone else.

    “Looks like your chairs belong there now,” another person wrote.

    According to Excited Cats, there are a few reasons cats love to look out the window. This includes keeping warm from the sun and looking at their reflection, watching birds, squirrels, and chipmunks.

    “No matter the reason your cat prefers to look outside, you should encourage them to get this type of stimulation,” the site suggests.

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