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    Circus Safari: Where the Wild Meets the Hilarious

    Circus Safari – these two words alone are enough to spark a sense of excitement and adventure in anyone’s heart. Picture this: lions roaring, elephants trumpeting, and clowns honking their noses – all under one big, colorful tent. But wait, there’s a twist to this classic circus tale. Welcome to the world of Circus Safari, where the animal kingdom meets the world of hilarity!

    Circus Safari – Kenya

    Circus Safari
    Circus Safari

    Our journey begins in Kenya, where the African savannah serves as the backdrop for a truly wild and unforgettable circus experience. You won’t find your typical circus tents here; instead, you’ll be surrounded by the natural beauty of Africa while enjoying the antics of talented performers.

    Circus Safari in Kenya takes the circus to a whole new level by combining thrilling animal acts with side-splitting comedy. Imagine a lion trying to juggle, or an elephant attempting to ride a unicycle – it’s a laugh riot that you won’t want to miss!

    Circus Safari Wien

    If you’re in Austria, specifically Vienna, you’re in for a treat at Circus Safari Wien. This European adventure brings the magic of the circus to the heart of the continent. The Vienna Circus Safari is famous for its daring acrobatics, graceful aerial acts, and of course, some Viennese charm.

    In Vienna, Circus Safari is a blend of classic circus acts with a dash of elegance. The clowns might be wearing tuxedos, and the trapeze artists perform to the waltz. It’s a show that combines laughter with a touch of sophistication.

    Circus at Circus Safari

    What’s better than a circus? Well, a circus within a Circus Safari, of course! At “Circus at Circus Safari,” you’ll experience a double dose of excitement. It’s like a circusception – a circus inside a circus.

    Expect the unexpected at this unique event. You might witness a clown juggling while riding an elephant, or acrobats swinging above a lion’s den. It’s a spectacle that defies the laws of normal circus physics.

    Circus Safari – Ecoglitter Australia

    Circus Safari
    Circus Safari

    Now, for something completely different, head down under to Australia, where Circus Safari takes on an eco-friendly twist. This show combines the thrill of the circus with a commitment to sustainability. The performers dazzle the audience with their stunts while using eco-friendly glitter that won’t harm the environment.

    Circus Safari Shape Sorting Jeep

    The Circus Safari Shape Sorting Jeep is a delightful toy that combines fun with learning. Kids can play with this colorful Jeep while developing their fine motor skills by fitting the different animal-shaped blocks into the corresponding holes. It’s a wild adventure for young minds!

    Circus Safari: “Manege frei” im 5. Bezirk

    In the heart of the 5th district, you can find a unique Circus Safari experience that transcends the boundaries of a traditional circus. “Manege frei” translates to “ringmaster’s call” in German, and it’s an invitation to witness extraordinary acts in the 5th Bezirk of Vienna. Expect astonishing performances that’ll leave you in awe!

    Czechoslovak State Circus Safari | Czechoslovakia | 1978

    History buffs and circus enthusiasts alike will appreciate the Czechoslovak State Circus Safari from 1978. This vintage gem takes you back to a time when circus arts were celebrated in Czechoslovakia. It’s a testament to the timeless appeal of the Circus Safari concept.


    Another exciting twist on the traditional toy, the CIRCUS SAFARI JEEP TRUCK SHAPE SORTER offers kids the chance to explore their creativity and problem-solving skills. This toy takes them on a safari adventure while teaching them about shapes and colors. Plus, it’s a load of fun!

    Tooky Toy Circus Safari Jeep

    Tooky Toy Circus Safari Jeep brings the magic of the circus into your child’s playroom. With this toy, kids can let their imaginations run wild, creating their own circus stories and adventures. It’s a great way to encourage creativity and storytelling.

    Circus Safari Fun

    Circus Safari
    Circus Safari

    The Circus Safari experience isn’t limited to a single show; it’s a whole world of entertainment and excitement. “Circus Safari Fun” could be anything from circus-themed games and activities to circus-inspired merchandise – a world where fun never ends!

    Kids Circus Safari Animals Wall Decal Sticker

    Transform your child’s room into a whimsical safari wonderland with Circus Safari-themed wall decals. These stickers feature adorable circus animals that can turn any space into a playful circus arena. It’s an easy way to add a touch of circus magic to your home.

    01/08/15 Circus Safari in Westgate Shopping City

    Mark your calendars because Circus Safari is coming to Westgate Shopping City on January 8th, 2015! This event promises a shopping experience like no other, with circus-themed attractions, performances, and perhaps even some surprise deals under the big top.

    Direktor des Circus Safari stopft Tiere in Kofferraum

    In the world of humorous misunderstandings, this phrase might sound peculiar. Translated from German, it means “Director of Circus Safari stuffs animals in the trunk.” Rest assured, no animals are being crammed into car trunks; it’s a playful way to say that the circus director has a few tricks up their sleeve.

    Circus Safari Jungle Birthday Party Decorations Children’s

    Circus Safari
    Circus Safari

    Planning a birthday party for your little one? Why not go for a Circus Safari theme? From jungle-inspired decorations to animal masks and balloon animals, you can create a wild and unforgettable birthday celebration that your child will cherish forever.

    Favor Bags SET OF 10 3×5 Lion Circus Safari Zoo Jungle

    Complete your Circus Safari-themed party with these adorable favor bags. Fill them with goodies and treats for your guests to take home as a token of the fantastic safari adventure they’ve experienced at your event.

    Kids’ Circus Safari Jeep Playset

    Let your child’s imagination run wild with the Kids’ Circus Safari Jeep Playset. It’s a fantastic way to bring the excitement of the circus into their playtime. With animal figurines and a colorful jeep, they can recreate the magic of Circus Safari right at home.

    Circus Safari Elephant Pachyderm Trinket Box

    For those who love collecting unique items, the Circus Safari Elephant Pachyderm Trinket Box is a must-have. It’s a charming and whimsical piece that can hold small treasures and serve as a reminder of the joy and wonder of the circus.

    Circus Collectibles Poster: Circus Safari

    Collectors, rejoice! The Circus Collectibles Poster featuring Circus Safari is a piece of history that celebrates the circus’s enduring charm. Hang it proudly on your wall and let it be a conversation starter about the magic of the circus.

    Circus Safari Jeep – Tooky

    Last but not least, the Circus Safari Jeep by Tooky is a toy that brings the adventure of the circus to your child’s playtime. With vibrant colors and animal figurines, it’s a wonderful addition to any toy collection.

    Circus Safari FAQs

    Q1: Are the animals in Circus Safari treated well?

    Absolutely! Circus Safari takes great care of its animal performers, ensuring they are healthy and happy.

    Q2: Can I bring my kids to Circus Safari?

    Of course! Circus Safari is a family-friendly event with performances that will entertain both kids and adults.

    Q3: Is there a clown car at Circus Safari?

    Indeed, there is! The Circus Safari clown car is a must-see, with clowns magically piling in and out, much to the audience’s amusement.


    The world of Circus Safari extends far beyond the confines of the circus tent. From toys and decor to vintage memorabilia, it’s a world filled with laughter, creativity, and endless possibilities. So, whether you’re a collector, a parent looking for fun toys, or simply someone seeking a unique circus experience, Circus Safari has something special for you. It’s a world where the magic never ends!


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