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    Custom skin care routines that are truly personalized by dermatologists:

    Most websites that claim to customize and personalize a skincare routine are just trying to sell you their brand. Many claim to use AI, but AI does not work if it does not have enough information to make good skin care suggestions. This is why step 1 of customizing a skin care routine should always involve diagnosing your skin type. There is only one skin type quiz that is used by doctors. This is the skin type quiz that is found in medical textbooks and used by dermatologists around the world to accurately diagnose your skin type. It was developed by Dermatologist Dr. Leslie Baumann at the University of Miami in 2005. It is the gold standard skin typing system and is used around the world on evidence-based skin care product research trials.

    The skin type quiz diagnoses your skin as one of 16 different Baumann Skin Types. It even picks up which type of sensitive skin you have (there are 4 subtypes). Then your quiz results are matched to one of 40,000 skin care routine templates that have been developed and studies by dermatologists on the corresponding Baumann Skin Types. Sound complicated? Finding the best skin care products for your skin type is difficult. That is why it is such an advance in skin care that this software exists. One you take the skin care routine quiz and the software assigns you to a skin care regimen steps, you receive a recommended step-by-step skin care routine consisting of the best skin care products from the best medical grade skin care brands. For each step of the skin care routine, you can scroll through products from many brands and choose for each step of the routine. This allows true personalization of your skin care routine.

    If you are vegan, want recycled packaging, luxury skincare, affordable skincare or drugstore brands- you will be able to choose from a list of skin care products that are right for your skin type. Once you take the skincare routine quiz and shop by your skin type.

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