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    Pakistan could become No.1 in ODI Ranking by whitewashing Afghanistan

    Pakistan had also become No.1 in ODI Ranking                                                                Pakistan  Cricket Team could rise to No.1 position in ICC One Day International (ODI) Ranking once again, if they manage to win all three matches against Afghanistan in Sri Lanka.

    Pakistan had also become No.1 team in May when they won first four matches of ODI series against New Zealand but lost two points when they were unable to win the fifth match.

    Pakistan have rating of 116 in ICC ODI Ranking at the moment, whereas Australia are top ranked team with rating of 118.

    On the other hand, Pakistan would have to win the series to maintain their second position as well, because if Afghanistan win the series, Pakistan would go down to the third position below India.

    If Pakistan lose one match and win the series 2-1, they could still lose two points but would remain above India in the ranking.

    Afghanistan are ranked eighth in the ODI Ranking, so Pakistan would lose more points for losing the match and will get less points for winning matches.

    The No.1 ranking could be a huge boost for Pakistan, just before the Asia Cup and World Cup.

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